Theme Park Therapy: The Moment of Doubt

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, doubt is an uncertainty of belief or opinion that often interferes with decision-making.

DOUBT. It will affect each one of us in some type of way throughout our lifetime. It may come as a constant, poisonous imprisonment that trickles slowly through your mind just when you’re at your lowest. It perfects its introduction in the mist of your journey when you’re pursuing your dreams, perfecting your craft and working diligently to change the course of your life.

Throughout all of that passionate, creative effort you realize there’s no recognition in your work…

…then DOUBT comes creeping slowly into your presence.

Those who believe they can
and those who believe they can’t are both right.

That old foe says you need to give up and move on that maybe you’re not good at all. Maybe your work sucks and all of your effort is absolutely pointless.

What do you say to that?

What do you do to defeat DOUBT?

I say the key to defeating doubt is faith and persistence. You MUST believe in yourself when everything or everyone around you says you’re wasting time, or that your goal is too big to attain. Of course there will be some losses along this road, but there will also be some wins too!

Nothing worthwhile comes easy. You have to work hard in this world, but you have to work harder to remove the demon of doubt.

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!


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