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7 Reasons You’ll Love Rougarou Cedar Point

Rougarou Cedar Point roller coaster #cedarpoint #themepark

7 Reasons You’ll Love Rougarou Cedar Point

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Are you ready to conquer one of the nation’s top floorless roller coaster rides? Then the Rougarou Cedar Point experience is one that you must do!

It’s no secret, Cedar Point continues to break all sorts of thrill ride records in the world.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear how much roller coaster enthusiasts love the scares, drops, twists, and speeds of Rougarou.

And just in case you need the Rougarou Cedar Point pronunciation, it sounds like this:  roo-gah-roo


7 Rougarou Cedar Point Things to Remember


Cedar Point Sandusky, Ohio Entrance

Cedar Point Sandusky, Ohio


1 – The Interesting Rougarou Cedar Point History

The longest, fastest, and tallest stand-up roller coaster was announced on September 8,1995 from Cedar Point. The folks at Cedar Point stated that the ride would be named Banshee, an Irish mythical wailing ghost; however, Mantis became the official name of the roller coaster.

Over 20 percent of Mantis was built over water with construction completed on January 9, 1996.

Cedar Point’s Mantis did not open officially to the public until May 11, 1996.

Throughout Mantis’ lifespan, there were super fans and others who thought the stand-up roller coaster was too rough. Especially, near the head area.

In 2014, rumors began to spread that Cedar Point would be making a major announcement about Mantis.

Then it happened…

On September 2, 2014 Cedar Point made an official announcement that Mantis would close on October 19, 2014. It was later revealed that Mantis would be converted into a floorless roller coaster named Rougarou. This roller coaster would also be designed with a new train.

Cedar Point reopened the revitalized roller coaster as Rougarou on May 9, 2015.


2 – The Fun Rougarou Cedar Point Layout

If you’re like me, then you want to know what you’ll be getting yourself into when experiencing this crazy roller coaster.

Let’s go through the ride layout of Rougarou:

  • Train goes up the 145-foot lift hill chain giving you a nice view of Cedar Point
  • Once you’re at the top you go through a little “pre-drop”
  • You then go into a 180 degree right turn right into the first “real” drop at 137 feet going 60 miles per hour
  • After the drop, you soar into the first of four inversions – 119-foot vertical loop
  • Then you go through a dive loop
  • The coaster train goes through a non-inverting, 360 degree turn over the station
  • You then enter an 83-foot incline loop
  • Once you go through the tilted loop, you enter the mid-course brake run
  • You then glide into a classic Corkscrew, with a twisty figure-eight turn
  • Once the roller coaster train enters the final brake run, you head back into the Rougarou station

Watch the Complete Rougarou Cedar Point Video Below



There you have it.

You have officially experienced Cedar Point’s Rougarou!


3 – The New Rougarou Cedar Point Train

Swiss-design firm Bollinger & Mabillard created the floor-less trains for Rougarou. The trains replaced the previous stand-up ones with 32 seats per train. Each train has eight rows with four seats across.

Hipster Fun Fact: Bollinger & Mabillard also designed other Cedar Point rides such as Valravn, Raptor and GateKeeper.


4 – The Amazing Rougarou Cedar Point Stats

Before you embark on this werewolf-inspired coaster, you should know a few little details about Rougarou.

  • Drop– 137 ft
  • Duration– 2:30
  • Rougarou Height– 145 ft
  • Number of Inversions– 4
  • Length– 3,900 ft
  • Rougarou Cedar Point Speed – 60 mph
  • Vertical Angle– 52°


Rougarou off-ride HD Cedar Point


Rougarou also has a:

  • 119-foott tall Loop
  • Block Brake
  • Chain Lift Hill
  • Classic Corkscrew
  • Dive Loop 103-foot tall
  • Inclined 83-foot tall Loop


Remember: Rougarou Cedar Point Height Requirement is between 54″ and 78″


5 – The Fun Rougarou Cedar Point Facts and Folklore

As if a terrifying roller coaster isn’t bad enough. The Rougarou name comes from a legendary creature in French folklore comparable to the werewolf legends.

This creature is often described as having the head of a wolf and a human body.

The rougarou legend has been handed down for many generations down in the bayous of Louisiana

It’s been said that parents in this Cajun area would tell their kids the Rougarou would get them if they misbehaved.

Crazy right???


6 – The Rougarou vs. Mantis Battle


Mantis Cedar Point Roller Coaster

Mantis at Cedar Point


As with many roller coaster and Cedar Point enthusiasts, there are quite a few debates as to whether the park should’ve changed Mantis to Rougarou.

Personally, I enjoyed Mantis because it was such a unique attraction.

However, I am always an advocate for keeping the park updated with fresh new rides that live up to the Cedar Point brand.

Whether you’re a Rougarou fan or a Mantis die-hard, I thought it would be great to give you a comparison chart of the two roller coasters.


Rougarou vs. Mantis


Mantis Cedar Point
Rougarou Cedar Point
Stand-up Train Floorless Coaster Train
Opened 1996 Opened 2015
Red and Yellow Color Scheme Orange and Blue Color Scheme
Height   145 ft Height   145 ft (44 m)
Drop 137 ft (42 m) Drop 137 ft (42 m)
Speed 60 mph (97 km/h) Speed 60 mph (97 km/h)
Number of Trains 2 Number of trains 3
Cars per Train 8 Cars per train 8
Seats per Car 4 Seats per Car 4
Restraints Shoulder Harness Over-the-Shoulder Harness with Interlocking Seatbelt
Known to have severe headbanging Less headbanging and not as popular among Cedar Point fans


Watch the Complete Mantis Cedar Point Video Below


Last Ride Ever On Mantis at Cedar Point


Fun Fact: Mantis had over 22 million rides since its debut.


7 – My Honest Rougarou Cedar Point Review

Although Rougarou only features 4 inversions, you can feel and hear the powerful roar of the roller coaster as you immerse yourself in the attraction. It’s definitely not the fastest roller coaster at Cedar Point, but the additional ambiance and floorless train makes up for it.

The dive loop and the corkscrew are all classic additions that make Rougarou an enjoyable experience. If you love floorless roller coasters, then you enjoy doing it through an incline loop.

The ride was smooth to me, but there were a couple of moments where I could see the headbanging issue returning. Something most coaster fans hated about Mantis.

I personally like Rougarou more than Mantis, but Mantis was also not a bad ride to me.


Final Thoughts


Rougarou Cedar Point Roller Coaster #cedarpoint #themepark

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The conversion of Mantis to Rougarou is definitely a welcomed change to Cedar Point. I do recommend riding it on your next visit to Cedar Point, but don’t wait any longer than 45 minutes for it.

As you approach the attraction, be sure check out the lighting and fog effects all around the swamp waters inspired by the Louisiana folklore.

When you get to the top of the ride, embrace the suspense and take in all the stunning views surrounding Cedar Point.

Let me know in the comment section below which ride do you prefer: Rougarou or Mantis?

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Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!



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