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HIPSTER Drink of the Week: Neige Ice Wine

Apple Ice Wine Epcot

HIPSTER Drink of the Week: Neige Ice Wine

Epcot’s Trading Post Refreshments is on the path to becoming my new favorite hangout spot in the park, especially in the cooler months. This shop is for the young at heart serving more than just Canadian sweet treats. You can now indulge yourself in Ice Wine and different beers from Canada.

This week’s drink of the week is Neige Apple Ice Wine. Neige (which means snow) is the leading inspiration of La Face Cachée de la Pomme that was established in 1994. Apple Ice Wine is the concentration of the apples’ sugar, using the natural cold of Québec’s winters. Each apple is handpicked and it takes approximately 80 apples to produce a single bottle.

Trading Post Refreshments Epcot

Trading Post Refreshments Seating Area

So sit back, relax in the outdoor area of the Trading Post Refreshments with your nice glass of wine and enjoy the enchanting Canadian architecture and the World Showcase Lagoon breeze.

Bar Menu Options:

Canadian Beers ($6.25 each)

Molson Canadian

Labatt Bourbon Barrel

Blanche de Chambly

Canadian Ice Wine

Neige Premiere Apple ($6.57, 2oz.)

Inniskillin Vidal ($9.38, 2 oz.)

Until next time, Happy Bar Hopping Hipsters!



I’m a writer who loves ALL things amusement park related. I was born and raised in Florida, which attributes to my Theme Park passion. Every since I was a child I had a natural affinity to the parks here that has now spilled over into adulthood. Instead of rushing over to the thrill rides, like I used to, you may find me in the Italy Pavilion at EPCOT enjoying a nice glass of wine and a delightful book!

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