Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle from the Back

8 BEST Restaurants in the Magic Kingdom YOU CAN’T MISS!

Do you want to know what the best restaurants in the Magic Kingdom are for your trip?

Touring Walt Disney World over the course of a few days is enough to make anyone hungry, especially since you’ll be walking upwards of 10 miles a day!

While Epcot is known as the foodie destination at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom still has some fun offerings, you just need to know where to look.

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Best Breakfast in Disney Springs with Chicken and Donuts and Dole Whip Mimosa

What’s the BEST Breakfast in Disney Springs (These 10 Will Help You Decide)

If you’ve ended up at this post, chances are you’re ready for a Best Breakfast in Disney Springs head-to-head battle! 

Which Disney Springs restaurants have got the best sweet breakfast options?  Which ones boast a more savory menu?  And of course, and most importantly, which one has a drink menu I can get on board with!

Well ThemeParkHipster, it’s our hope to answer all these questions, and more, in this comprehensive breakfast at Disney Springs guide!  Are you ready for it?!  GREAT!

OH – and before we forget – make sure to drop your FAVORITE breakfast at Disney spot in the comments below before you leave this page – because teamwork makes the best breakfast dreams work!

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Cinderella Castle with Ferry Boat in Disney Magic Kingdom Orlando Florida

Don’t Go To Walt Disney World Until You Understand These Five Things

Planning a Walt Disney World vacation can be a lot of fun, especially when you’re planning on going alone to do whatever you want, when you want to do it.

While you think you know everything there is to know about going to the four theme parks, picking a hotel, and securing those hard-to-get dining reservations there are things that the experts don’t tell you about going to Walt Disney World.

I’m pulling back the curtain to let you in on five expert secrets that aren’t usually revealed about going to Walt Disney World.

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Disney Boo Bash Magic Kingdom Halloween Main Street USA

Disney’s Boo Bash vs Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party: What’s the Difference?

Boo to you! In case you missed it, the beloved Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party will not be returning this year. To make up for this, Disney Parks has created “Boo Bash.”

As of this post, Disney World has already begun preparing guests to get into the Halloween/ fall spirit by putting up their festive décor all over Main Street U.S.A!

But being that this is the first time Disney World has ever done this event, the number one question “What is Boo Bash?”

I will be answering these questions and the following in this post today to help you determine if it’s the right fit for you and how to best navigate it.

  • What is Boo Bash?
  • What does Boo Bash offer?
  • Dates
  • Prices
  • Tips
  • Things to consider

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Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest

Cheat Sheet: Disney World Height Requirements (Full Guide)

You may be wondering if there are height requirements at Disney World and how they may affect your upcoming trip?

Yes there are minimum height requirements at Disney theme parks and water parks, but many of the attractions at the resort are available for riders of all heights.

Today I’ll give you the quick and easy cheat sheet on every ride height minimum at Walt Disney World, but first let’s go through a couple of the most commonly asked questions.

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Black Panther Disney Plus Film Cover

7 BEST Movies on Disney Plus to Celebrate Black Excellence (2021)

There are so many movies on Disney Plus for you to watch that celebrates Black excellence!

Disney has taken small steps to embracing and showcasing inclusion through their properties including television, films and in their theme parks.

Today, I will be looking at what’s on Disney Plus and what they have featured in their “Celebrate Black Stories Collection. Everything in the collection ranges from shorts and specials, Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOM), Animated and live action films and shorts.

For this list, I will be focusing on the live action and animated films but recommend that you explore all that is available in this collection. This list is not rated in any particular way as well.

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Best theme park tickets in Orlando

Where to Buy Cheap Tickets for Theme Parks in Florida? (Full Guide)

Question of the week: Where to find cheap tickets for theme parks in Florida?

Hey friend! Being a self-proclaimed ThemeParkHipster makes me the main one in my group of peers who “knows” the ins and outs of theme park tips.

One question I always get is, “How can I get cheap theme park tickets?”

My goal is to guide you through some of the easiest ways to find your Orlando park tickets for your next trip.

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Disney Memento Mori Shop Front Entrance at the Magic Kingdom

The Mysteries of Memento Mori at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

If you’re looking for the perfect place to get your ghoulish charms in the parks, then be sure to visit Disney’s Memento Mori shop located inside the Magic Kingdom theme park.

Memento Mori is the Haunted Mansion-themed merchandise shop in Liberty Square that’s adjacent to the spooky attraction.

This is a place where hardcore Haunted Mansion fans can fulfill their ghastly shopping needs all the while catching a quick glimpse of the mysterious Madame Leota while in Memento Mori.

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Disney fireworks show

10 BEST Magic Kingdom Shows You Have to See!

Do you want to know what the BEST Magic Kingdom shows are for your upcoming trip to Disney?

Well ThemeParkHipster, you already know when it comes to the title of “The Most Happiest on Earth” – Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL takes the cake.  

And that’s not just because the Disney Parks and Resorts in Orlando, FL are the biggest in the world – it’s also because of the endless choices when it comes to Magic Kingdom entertainment.

Truly, if you wanted to spend an entire park day at Magic Kingdom just watching shows – you could! And that’s why today we’re going to rank the BEST Magic Kingdom shows. So on your next park day, you’ll know which Magic Kingdom shows are first class, and which are a HARD PASS!

So without further ado, let’s get to it!

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