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A Dapper Day at Disney

Tom Sawyer Island Dapper Day at the Magic Kingdom

A Dapper Day at Disney

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Sunday was filled with bright spring colors of elegant dresses and ravishing suits for Dapper Day. Where the adventure in the park was all about the soirée of classic fashions at the Magic Kingdom…and I, of course, had to participate in this gala with my friends!

Dapper Day 2014: Waiting for pics at the carousel in Fantasyland

Dapper Day 2014: Waiting for pics at the carousel in Fantasyland

The event brought ladies and gentlemen of all stylish calibers together for well-dressed adult frivolity in the park.

Dapper Day 2014: Main Street USA in classic fashion :)

Dapper Day 2014: Main Street USA in classic fashion 🙂

A fun fact about Dapper Day is that it’s not associated with the Walt Disney Company. It’s purely a fan based event of chicly vintage inspiration that was started in 2011. It has grown to bring in over 10,000 participants across the Walt Disney World Parks in Anaheim, Orlando, and Paris in the spring and fall.

This is a ThemeParkHipster approved event!

In case you missed the Spring Soiree you have another chance to join in the fun. Check out the upcoming events below:

Dapper Day Fall Soiree 2014

  • Friday September 12, Disneyland Resort, California
  • Saturday September 20, Disneyland Parc, Paris, France
  • Saturday September 27, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World, Florida

Visit the official Dapper Day website for more information.

Until next time, stay classy Hipsters!






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LoraPosted on  10:32 am - Mar 11, 2014

that looks like FUN! I love to play dress-up! 🙂

NicholePosted on  12:39 pm - Mar 13, 2014

How cute are you, Nikky?! This looks so fun

Crystal HPosted on  6:27 am - Mar 14, 2014

This sounds like so much fun and I LOVE the dresses and hats!

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