Your Guide to Busch Gardens Annual Pass Benefits, Membership Plans, and More!

Do you know what the Busch Gardens Annual Pass benefits are and if it’s even worth the price?

Annual passes are a great investment for the ThemeParkHipster who likes to relive certain amusement parks again and again. Not only do they cut down on admission costs, but they also entitle you to plenty of perks.

So, if Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida is one of your all-time favorite theme parks, then you’re definitely going to want to read up to today’s article! 

From which membership plan makes the most sense for you, to what Busch Gardens Annual Pass Benefits you are entitled to, this article is full of savings and little tips and tricks you won’t want to miss.


Busch Gardens Tampa Florida Sheikra and Montu Roller Coaster

Membership Plans

Perhaps one of the most confusing parts about purchasing an annual pass from a theme park is deciphering between the different membership plans that are offered. 

  • What’re the differences between them?
  • Which one has the most benefits?
  • Which one makes the most sense for me? Etc.

But worry no more, because we’re happy to break it all down for you right here, right now- so you can make this decision with lots of confidence and no stress!  We’ll start with the lowest tier pass, aka: the most inexpensive pass, and work our way up from there.

2020 and 2021 Busch Garden Annual Pass Cost Comparison and Benefits Chart

Busch Gardens Bronze Annual Pass 

Cost: $144 (or EZpay option of twelve $12.00 monthly payments- only available for Florida State Residents)

  • Unlimited Admission to Busch Gardens, Tampa for 12 months with blockout dates (from date of purchase)

Busch Gardens Silver Annual Pass

Cost: $192 (or EZpay option of 12 $16.00 monthly payments- only available for Florida State Residents)

  • Unlimited Admission to Busch Gardens, Tampa for 12 months (from date of purchase)
  • FREE General Parking
  • 2 FREE Guest Tickets
  • 10% off Dining and Beverage
  • 20% off Merchandise
  • 20% off Quick Queue
  • Discounts on Guest Tickets

Busch Gardens Gold Annual Pass

Cost: $228 (or EZpay option of 12 $19.00 monthly payments- only available for Florida State Residents)

  • Unlimited Admission to Busch Gardens, Tampa for 12 months  (from date of purchase)
  • FREE Preferred Parking (as available)
  • 4 FREE Guest Tickets
  • 15% off Dining and Beverage
  • 30% off Merchandise
  • 30% off Quick Queue
  • Discounts on Guest Tickets
  • FREE Annual Digital PhotoKey Package ($100 value)

Busch Gardens Platinum Annual Pass

Cost: $372 (or EZpay option of 12 $31.00 monthly payments- only available for Florida State Residents)

  • Unlimited Admission for 12 months (from date of purchase)
  • FREE Preferred Parking
  • 6 FREE Guest Tickets
  • 20% off Dining and Beverages
  • 50% off Merchandise
  • 50% off Quick Queue
  • Discounts on Guest Tickets
  • FREE Annual Digital PhotoKey Package (plus 6 x 8 print – $100+ value)
  • Exclusive Platinum Busch Gardens Annual Pass Benefits (i.e. Park Priority Privileges, Free Single Ride Quick Queue per visit, and Reserved Show Seating at select rides and shows)

For more details about the different Busch Gardens Annual Pass Benefits, plans, and the fine print, click here.

Note: Unlimited Admission and Platinum Busch Gardens Annual Pass Benefits ALSO extend to: Busch Gardens Williamsburg, SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Orlando, Sesame Place, and 6 more cross-country theme parks!

Busch Gardens Annual Pass Benefits and Perks

As you can see from the membership plan tiers above, each level of annual pass comes with its own unique Busch Gardens Annual Pass Benefits. And while some have more benefits and perks than others.

Let’s break down what membership tier might make the most sense for you based on your wallet and desired park experience.

Egypt Area at Busch Gardens Tampa during Christmas with Montu in the Background

1. Busch Gardens Bronze Pass Benefits and Perks

This lowest tier membership pass available at Busch Gardens Tampa, Florida would make the most sense for someone who plans to visit Busch Gardens’ Tampa theme park at least four times within a 12 month period.  

If not, it simply makes more financial sense to go with a one, two, or three day ticket; which can be found for purchase here. 

The Phoenix Pantopia Busch Gardens orange and blue swing ride.
The Phoenix inside Pantopia at Busch Gardens

Additionally, purchasing one of these multi-park tickets means you can also visit SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica, and/or Adventure Island with the same ticket. Possibly a better deal if you’d like to visit any combination of these three parks for less than $150.

Additionally, the Busch Gardens Bronze Annual Pass is a good move for someone who doesn’t intend to drive to the park. 

Perhaps you can have a friend or family member that can drop you off. Or maybe you usually opt for public transportation anyway.  

The reason being is with this lowest tier annual pass, parking still costs $9 each visit. And let’s be honest, if you plan on driving yourself there 5 or more times and parking each time…the next Silver Annual Pass tier will actually end up saving you money!

2. Busch Gardens Silver Pass Benefits and Perks

When we talk about the Busch Gardens Annual Pass benefits for the Silver Tier, there’s already significantly more than the tier below.

In addition to free parking, which we already discussed above pays for itself in 5 visits, you also get one totally free guest ticket! 

A great perk to keep in mind if you know for sure you’ll have a visitor like a family member or friend who’d like to join you for a park day!

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Tiger Topiary

You also get 10% off “Quick Queue,” which is a faster line for certain rides that typically costs $20 for a day visit or $350 year-round. 

This could be a nice perk if you intend on visiting during pique times like the holiday or summer season where school vacations are likely to increase crowds and therefore ride wait times.

And finally, you get 50% off three guests tickets. 

Scorpion Roller Coaster at Busch Gardens Track Curve near phone charging station

So, to put it in a nutshell: if you plan on parking yourself and visiting 5 or more times throughout the year…

…PLUS you intend on having some non-pass holders join you for a trip to Busch Gardens every now and again…

…this plan FOR SURE makes the most sense for you!

3. Busch Gardens Gold Pass Benefits and Perks

While Busch Gardens claims that the average Silver Pass Holder enjoys $650 in Busch Gardens Annual Pass benefits. A Gold Annual Pass Holder is said to get $1000!

So in theory, your benefits double for just $36 more dollars out of pocket.

Congo River Rapid Water Ride at Busch Gardens Tampa

Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? And while we know it is, keep reading to make sure it makes sense for you!

First of all, for that extra $36 overall, or $3 more dollars per month, you get preferred parking (when it’s available). A great perk for anyone who has difficulties with mobility or just wants to get in the park ASAP!

You also get all your digital photos for the entire year!  An amazing benefit if you’re a scrapbooker or memory keeper (because keep in mind, that perk in itself costs $100.)

And even more than that, you get to go on the Serengeti Safari, an award winning attraction, for a HUGE DISCOUNT!  A perfect perk for any animal lover who likes to get up close and personal with nature.

Additionally, keep in mind that you receive 30-50% off dining and merchandise, which makes fiscal sense if you often enjoy eating in the park or like to stock up on souvenirs for yourself or others!

4. Busch Gardens Platinum Pass Benefits and Perks

Alright, now we get to the big guns…the Platinum Pass! 

At $366 this might seem expensive, but keep in mind, the Busch Gardens Annual Pass benefits of this platinum plan extends to 11 parks! 

That’s right, eleven; across the entire country!  

SeaWorld Tips and Tricks with blue roller coaster Manta
SeaWorld Orlando is also included in the Busch Gardens family.

So, if you’re a REAL ThemeParkHipster who makes it a point to travel the country in search of the biggest and best amusement parks, then in theory, you might just have to take advantage of the $2,600 value of benefits you get with this pass.

Additionally, we HIGHLY recommend the Platinum Pass if you foresee lots of friend and family visits in your future!

Because with three free park tickets and seven available to you at half price, it’s a benefit you’ll definitely want to take full advantage of!

Ready to plan your theme park trip? Watch the best vacation planning tips on YouTube. Get started here!

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the above section helped you to better narrow down which Busch Gardens Annual Pass Benefits package makes the most sense for you and your lifestyle. But, if you’re still confused, don’t sweat it.

Hopefully this FAQ section will make it more clear.

Kumba roller coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa

How much is a Busch Gardens Annual Pass? 

As you can see in the “Membership Plans” section above, this varies based on which tier of annual pass you pick.

However, we can tell you that with single day tickets averaging $96, two day tickets costing $108, and three day tickets costing $121, these passes pay for themselves by the fourth park visit.

*Please note that all price are subject to change!

Can I visit more than one park with my Busch Gardens Annual Pass?

The answer to this question is a bit complicated…but allow us to explain.  As you saw, included in the Busch Gardens Platinum Annual Pass is entry to 11 parks around the country.

However, you can also upgrade your Bronze, Silver, or Gold Busch Gardens Annual Pass to include more parks for an extra price. 

If you’d like to extend your 12 month park admission and benefits to Adventure Island (Tampa Bay) as well, you may do so for about an additional $27.

Christmas Town Village at Busch Gardens Cheetah Hunt Roller Coaster

Or, if you’d like to extend your annual pass benefits to Adventure Island (Tampa Bay), SeaWorld (Orlando), and Aquatica (Orlando), you can do that for $90 more. 

And remember, this extends to most of your benefits…including the animal encounter! So, if you have a Gold Pass that guarantees you a free Serengeti Safari reservation, feel free to exchange that for SeaWorld’s amazing Dolphin Encounter!

Can you cancel Busch Gardens Annual Pass? 

Yes! You may cancel or change your pass type by calling: 813-884-4386.

Does Busch Gardens Annual Pass include SeaWorld, Orlando? 

While the Platinum Annual Pass does include all SeaWorld locations, for all other pass types, you’ll have to upgrade to a multi-park annual pass for $90 more. And, to be honest, if you’re already considering the Gold pass, for the extra $90, you might as well go Platinum!

2020 and 2021 Busch Garden Annual Pass Cost Comparison and Benefits Chart

What’s the difference between a Fun Card and an Annual Pass at Busch Gardens?

While initially understanding the differences between Busch Gardens’ Fun Card and Annual Pass can be confusing, we’ll do our best to break it down for you here.

First of all a Busch Gardens Fun Card doesn’t have tiers. Instead it’s advertised as “Pay for a Day, Play All Year,” meaning you pay $111 (or $152, if you want to include Adventure Island in Tampa Bay) and have entry through the end of the year.

Notice however how we said “through the end of the year” and not “for 12 months.”

That’s because one of the main differences with a Fun Card and Annual Pass is that a Fun Card is only good for that calendar year (expiring on December 31, no matter when you buy it), while an Annual Pass expires a year from the date of purchase.

Additionally, Fun Cards offer no additional benefits like free parking, dining discounts, etc.  It is merely park entry…

Cheetah Hunt Drop at Busch Gardens Tampa. Perks of enjoying a Busch Gardens Annual Pass.

…perhaps a good way to go if you don’t plan to park or dine at the park, but it won’t necessarily save you the most amount of money in the long run if you usually like to enjoy a fully immersive park experience.

Finally, Fun Cards typically have entry Block Out Dates, so be sure to research those (if and when they apply) so that you’re not unexpectedly denied park entry.

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Do Florida Residents get a discount on Busch Gardens Annual Passes?

Unlike other popular Florida theme parks, Florida residents don’t receive a discount on Busch Gardens Annual Passes. The only “perk” residents get, so to speak, is the ability to purchase their annual pass with the EZpay monthly payment option.

Falcons Fury Busch Gardens Tampa orange and blue drop tower

To be more specific, here’s the fine print on Busch Gardens’ website: EZpay available to Florida Residents only. Proof of a Florida residential address (credit card with Florida mailing address) is required. 

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Let’s Wrap This Up…

We know that choosing the Annual Pass that makes the most financial sense for you can feel difficult or overwhelming, but we hope this made it a little bit easier.

Additionally, with all of the curveballs this year has thrown at us so far, many theme parks are offering great discounts on all pass and ticket types right now, so be sure to take advantage!

Should you get Busch Gardens Annual Pass

Do you have a Busch Gardens Annual Pass already? Have you had one in the past? Which Busch Gardens Annual Pass Benefits are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

Because from one ThemeParkHipster to another, your feedback makes our adventures that much better!

Until next time, Happy Park Hopping Hipsters!

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