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HIPSTER Photo of the Week

Iphone Jan2013-April2013 299

Ahhh…what a refreshing way to end the day ThemePark hopping in Orlando. Tucked away in the Peabody Hotel is a lush lounge called The Rocks that will make you forget about the tourist mania just outside on International Drive. My drink of choice was the Ultimate Dill Martini, which blended Plymouth Gin, St. German Elderflower Liqueur, Fresh Cucumber, and dill into a perfected, heavenly adventure on my palate. On certain evenings you may catch the beautiful sounds of the house band adding to the quaint, upscale ambiance.

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2013 Resolution #1: My American Idol Experience

It was a Saturday morning on a clear and beautiful February day here in Florida. I walked up to this bright blue and silver building in Hollywood Studios with one goal in mind….to finally immerse myself in the American Idol experience.


2013 ThemePark Resolutions

It is tradition for everyone out there to start making weight loss goals, money changes, and other possible abandoned promises of self improvement for the start of a new year.

I figured I’d go ahead and join this tradition, some what, by making my own set of New Year’s resolutions that will force me to do the things I’ve been putting off at the Theme Parks.

Twelve months, twelve goals! I will be reporting back with my unforgettable memories and picturesque photos to accompany them throughout the year.


Christmas in Central Florida 2012

I love, love, love this time of the year! We may not have snow like our northern pals, but we do have our on way of celebrating here in Florida. If we’re fortunate enough the temperature may drop into the 50s, maybe even the upper 40s, to give us that tropical Christmas weather that we love.


Farewell to the Fall Frenzy

Fall Theme Park fun has come and gone for us Floridians, but don’t worry I have posted a link below of some of my favorite moments from this past season.

ThemeParkHipster Photo Gallery 🙂




HIPSTER Photo of the Week

Manhattan Cocktail

This is absolutely a wonderful way to end an exhausting day at the Disney parks. A stiff barrel aged Manhattan  and a refreshing Gin-tle Breeze at Todd English’s BlueZoo Restaurant in the Swan and Dolphin Hotel. The hippest way to add an adult flavor to ThemePark fun!



Reminiscing with the Gators

I’m a Florida girl, always and forever. That’s why my first visit to Gatorland this past Sunday reminded me of why I love being a Floridian and why I miss and reminisce about the original Theme Parks of central Florida. Growing up I would see gators all of the time in Lake County. It was as if they were the assumed mascot of my county. Now that I am living as an “adult”, I rarely take the time to appreciate the true natural beauty of Central Florida.

During my stroll around the park the commercial feel of today’s ThemeParks was absent at Gatorland….and I loved it!

Don’t get me wrong about my love for the other major parks in the heart of Florida; I just miss this type of simplified splendor that was the foundation of the earlier parks built in this area. With all the shows, exhibits, and animals that Gatorland had to offer, I loved the Swamp Walk attraction the most.

It appeared as though there was very little human interference which allowed the natural setting to tell its own story. This part of the park put the biggest smile on my face. Memories of walking through mysterious tree bearing trails like this one flooded my mind and made me happy that my partner insisted we stop here on our way to the Food and Wine Festival over at EPCOT.

This trip was definitely a great one! I highly recommend Gatorland for visitors to Florida who want to experience aspects of this great state that you may not see anywhere and also to the locals who may have fell out of touch with the true beauty of central Florida due to the day-to-day demands of life.

For more information visit GATORLAND’s official website.

Click here for pictures from my Gatorland trip.



Throwback Thursday: The Map Hoarder

Theme Park Maps

My Theme Park Map Collection

Who loves collecting park maps?

Me, Me, Me!

Over here!

What started off as a simple “let me have this map as a souvenir”, mainly because my mom couldn’t really afford to buy us both food and park trinkets, became a must do every time I was at a Theme Park, rest stop, or hotel. Then I started doing it because I was a very imaginative young girl and I wanted to relive the experience once I got back home.


HIPSTER Quote of the Week

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”



HIPSTER Review: Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 22 Orlando

My trip to Orlando last weekend was filled with exciting events. One of the events that I had the pleasure of attending was Halloween Horror Nights 22 (HHN) over at Universal Studios. With my nerves on ten I kept playing scenarios of possible chilling scenes that were on the way. Once finally able to push them aside, I entered the crowded gates of HHN for a somewhat spine-tingling evening.