Busch Gardens Sheikra Roller Coaster

Busch Gardens Tampa All-Day Dining: EVERYTHING You Need to Know!

Is the Busch Gardens All-Day Dining Plan worth it for you?

Picture this: You’re doing your pre theme park hopping day research, and you come across a BIG dilemma. You noticed that there’s SO many amazing options when it comes to dining, snacks, and restaurants, you have NO idea which one to pick!

A day is only so long, and theme park food is so expensive after all…it’s not like you can fit in EVERY cuisine option, right? Nope – think again!

Thanks to Busch Gardens All-Day Dining, overpaying for limited portions of theme park food is a thing of the past! For just $40 a day ($20 for kids 3 – 9), you can enjoy one meal per hour – yup, you read that right…per HOUR!

Seems impossible? Too good to be true? 

We get your concerns, and we’re prepared to lay them all to rest below as we explore every facet of the Busch Gardens All-Day Dining plan that the park has to offer!

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Hogwarts Castle in Florida Sun

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Guide YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED

Ready to take an adventure to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

Wizards call it home. Muggles call it the Islands of Adventure. And us Harry Potter fans? We just think of it as our own personal heaven.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort is one of the most popular and iconic theme parks of all time. With the films grossing over one billion dollars, the scrawny, green-eyed Chosen One has got many supporters in the Muggle world.

And if you are one of them good guys… WELCOME TO THE TEAM!

Here at ThemeParkHipster, we are totally obsessed with the ragtag bunch of teenagers that vanquished the Dark Lord. Personally, I can recite the movies to you as they play– word-for-word (well, if I’ve had A LOT of coffee I can).

So, it is a small wonder that I know the Wizarding World like the back of my hand. Luckily for you, I’m ready to spill the beans (magic or otherwise)! 

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SeaWorld Orlando Flamecraft Bar Nachos

SeaWorld All-Day Dining Doesn’t Have To Be Hard (Read These PRO TIPS)

Ready to try out the SeaWorld Orlando All-Day Dining deal?

Ever felt limited by your in park dining options because of the insane price tag that comes along with theme park eateries? Ever wish you could try ALL the food, without the guilt of a price tag?

Well now…you can!

Thanks to SeaWorld Orlando’s All Day Dining offering, you can do more than just sample snacks, you can eat an entire entrée and side dish or dessert, ONCE. EVERY. HOUR. For one flat fee!

And no, we’re NOT kidding!

So, if THAT sounds appetizing to you, then let’s talk deets below!

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"Piggylicious" Bacon Cupcak with Maple Frosting and Pretzel Crunch with The Original Rib Shack Red Wine from The Smokehouse America Pavilion

3 BEST (and Worst) Disney World Snacks You HAVE TO TRY!

What’s one of your favorite Disney World snacks?

If there’s one thing Disney fans absolutely love about the Disney Parks, it’s chowing down on some delicious food and drinks!

Whether you are exploring the food offerings at one of Epcot’s many festivals, trying a new eatery in Disney Springs or stopping by your favorite Disney resort for a lesser known snack, there is truly something for everyone!

Over the years, Disney has created some amazing snacks and sadly they have been taken away from us. Or it’s the opposite like the infamous “animal poop” snacks from Disney’s Animal Kingdom and they were quickly taken away after backlash.

Being a Disney foodie, I am determined to try everything and anything the parks have to offer at least once. And you will never know where the next best thing will pop up.

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Dragon breathing fire on top of Gringotts Bank in Diagon at Universal Studios

SMACKDOWN: All Wizarding World of Harry Potter Rides Ranked!

Ready to conquer ALL the Harry Potter rides on your trip to Universal Orlando?

Muggle, wizard, hag, goblin or elf, you have DEFINITELY heard of the Boy Who Lived.  And if you are a regular ThemeParkHipster like me, you have DEFINITELY heard of the Harry Potter World in Universal Studios, Orlando!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is something of a legend on this blog. It is one of the most well-integrated lands in any theme park I have ever seen.

From the Beauxbatons dance to Ollivander’s shop to the looming Hogwarts castle, everything is straight out of the movies.

BUT, the true icing on the cake are the Harry Potter rides! 

From riding a Hippogriff to escaping Dementors on the Hogwarts Express, your adrenalin will be pumping throughout the visit. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter rides are not for the weak-hearted– at least, not the rides we explore on this blog.

We are NOT here to talk about kiddy rides or the rides designed to keep the kids occupied while parents gulp down some Fire Whiskey.

Instead, we are going to talk about rides that have you screaming, gasping, laughing and awe-struck.

We’re a tribe of independent, solo ThemeParkHipsters! And we are on a mission to conquer the most daunting rides the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has to offer!

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Rainy day At Magic Kingdom Orlando Florida

What’s the BEST Rain Poncho for Disney? These 7 Will Help You Decide

Are you trying to figure what the best rain poncho for Disney is for your upcoming trip?

We’re heading into the summer months this year, and you know what that means?! Yup! Rainy season in Orlando, FL.

As you might already know, rainy season in a tropical area is quite different from what you might experience in less extreme climates. Rainy season in Florida often means one hour of rain each day so heavy, that you can barely see two feet in front of you!

And so, for that reason, today I’m going to talk about the Best Rain Poncho for Disney!  Or, more specifically, our seven favorite rain ponchos for Disney.  Because…after all… every ThemeParkHipster has different desires and needs!

And so, without further ado let’s talk about the which ponchos are the recommendation for your Disney World trip! Because a dripping wet vacation is not very magical, am I right?

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Journey into Your Imagination dancing water fountains at Epcot. theme park hopping alone. Journey into Your Imagination with flying water fountains and pyramids at Epcot.

5 BEST Things to Do at Epcot for Adults (YOU CAN’T MISS)

Want to know what the best things to do at Epcot are for adults?

Epcot is the one Disney Park that I feel we can all agree is the one park that is perfect for adults to visit. One would assume immediately that this is because of the ability to drink around the world.

Epcot is unique in its ability to allow its guests to experience different cultures from around the world, especially through its food and beverages.

“Drinking Around The World” has become a staple within the theme park community when it comes to World Showcase.

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Cinderella Castle at Disney

5 Most UNDERRATED Disney Tips to Make Your Solo Trip Easier (Traveling Alone)

Are you looking for the best Disney tips for your solo trip?

Solo traveling can be a most daunting task, especially at Walt Disney World. It can be overwhelming, intimidating and even jarring at times.

One wonders where you would need to start with dining, flights, tips, and safety precautions.

Thankfully, you have me, a seasoned Walt Disney World Passholder and expert to give you some of my favorite tips when it comes to navigating the Wide World of Disney.

They may seem small but they could mean great comfort or assistance to you.

Let’s dive in together and hopefully you can gain some newfound knowledge or tips!

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Manta SeaWorld


Welcome adrenaline-seekers to another list of potentially stomach-dropping experiences! Today, we focus on (cue the drumroll please) the SEAWORLD Orlando roller coasters!

This is the place that brought high-thrill roller coasters and cute waddling penguins together. That’s paradise right there folks! 

For those of you who have been living under a rock and don’t know what SeaWorld is, it’s a theme park crossed with a marine zoo that is committed to protecting the biodiversity of the planet.

But just for the sake of this article, we are going to take penguins out of the equation. I know, I know, very sad. However, we are going to be exploring the seven different high-to-medium thrill SeaWorld Orlando roller coasters.

We are pulling apart speed, height, intensity, and all those thrill factors so that YOU can pick your favorite.

Ready? Set! Buckle up!

The ride is starting!

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Homecomin Disney Springs Chicken and Donut Brunch

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ at Disney Springs: The ULTIMATE Guide and Review

Disney Dining Review: Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

Ever dreamed of having a fresh, mouth-watering farm-house brunch? Well, you don’t have to look very far– just over the fence of Walt Disney World Resort!

Disney Springs (the shopping center inside Walt Disney World Resort) has a hidden gem of a restaurant– Chef Art’s Homecomin’. It brings fresh ingredients from the farms of Florida straight to your table, drizzled with flavors from Chef Art’s own kitchen

And did I mention they have the most wonderful moonshine bar?

For guests who can legally drink, the cocktails are a must-try. They taste simply heavenly– especially the Signature Craft Moonshine Cocktail. For the rest of you, drinking is bad. Don’t drink kids.

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