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Monthly Archives:October 2018

How to do Disney Hollywood Studios Solo

How to Do Disney’s Hollywood Studios Solo | 9 First Timer Tips

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a solo theme park traveler’s must!

Hollywood Studios was once known as Disney-MGM Studios when it opened in 1989. It has always been a great half-day theme park for those visiting Walt Disney World solo; however, it is now a park that is spectacular to discover for over a whole day.

The addition of Toy Story Land and the coming addition of Star Wars Land, has made Hollywood Studios a competitive theme park.

Doing Hollywood Studios solo doesn’t have to be intimidating. Since I started traveling to Disney parks alone, I’ve noticed I’m confident meeting new people. I’m also able to let go just a little bit of my introverted side.

Deserted tree in the midst of grief.

Finding Joy through the Pain: 10-07-2017 The Day My Mom Left

Happy Sunday!

You guys know me as ThemeParkHipster. I’ve been writing on this blog since 2012. It has always brought me great joy. Some people don’t understand why I do this. One person had the nerve to say to me,

“Are you still doing that little theme park thing?”

People I tell ya…


ThemeParkHipster has been my outlet. It has always been there in the good and bad moments of life. ThemeParkHipster has accompanied me through the great times with my Harry Potter friends. It has also pushed me through postpartum depression and the passing away of my mom.

I never talk about this kind of stuff on here, but you all are my theme park family.